Requirements for the server

Most often,  LogoLAB is installed on a server.

No installation is required on teacher and student computers. Connection to the server is made  through shortcuts.

We recommended that LogoLAb be installed on a Windows Server version (other versions limit the number of simultaneous connections to 10).

The space taken up by LoboLAB on HD is 1 Gb

The hard disk space needed depends on the database of the school.

  • With160 Gb, you can store up to 200 video hours, 40,000 songs or 25,000 pictures.
  • For storing student work (max.stereo quality : 44100 hz, 16 bits), with 160 Gb, you can store up to :
4,000 one-hour recordinds (audio format : Ogg Vorbis),
300 one-hour recordings (audio format : Wave PCM)
Video tapes can be digitized throuh a video capture card (not included in the LogoLAB package). All DirectX compatible cards are LogoLAB compatible.